Caney Creek Farm since 1864

Caney Creek Farm can be found in the rolling hills of New Hamburg, located in Southeast Missouri. Our family, the Glastetter's, were farmers long before they sailed over from Germany in 1858 settling this property 1864. Caney Creek Farm now consists of over 100 acres of rowcrop, pastures, hay ground, woodlands/grasslands, and wetlands.

Nowadays we raise registered American Aberdeen (Lowline Angus) Cattle for grass fed beef and registered breeding stock. The herd is still growing and I'm constantly striving to improve our stock. I also raise registered Kunekune pigs for pastured pork and registered breeding stock, or (for those who wanna cuddle a pig) pets as well. Not to mention my pastured poultry, a breeding flock of Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens, for meat, eggs, and chicks. There's nothing like farm raised beef and pork, with free range eggs!

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Caney Creek Farm is a proud Missouri Century Farm.

I grew up looking at old grainy photos and listening to my grandpa's stories about life on the farm.  I knew that I wanted that life, the good and the bad. My dad had sold out of livestock, planning to get back in to farming after he retired. Plans are made to be changed! Honestly though, Caney Creek Farm would not be what it is today if not for my dad’s support… 


I was ten years old when I decided I wanted to farm.  My dad made it very clear that whatever I got into, it was all going to be on me. But that didn’t stop me! I started small, with just a couple of chickens.  It has since grown far beyond keeping a few pet hens. First it was just birds: chickens, ducks, geese.  Then it grew by leaps and bounds. I loved the idea of growing our own food and set my mind to raising my own pork and beef. I knew it was not going to be easy... but things worthwhile rarely are.  I grew up around standard sized cattle and hogs and knew that was not what I had in mind for my own farm. Not only is their size intimidating and overwhelming, it’s simply not necessary nor practical for small homesteads. When I found the Kunekune pig and the American Aberdeen I knew these were the breeds for me!  I bought my first breeding stock fresh out of high school and have never looked back...