Grass Fed Beef

Tad one of our past herd bulls. Fullblood Aberdeen

American Aberdeen Cattle (formally known as American Lowline Cattle) are a naturally polled cattle. They were developed during the 1970's in Australia from the original Aberdeen Angus of Scotland. They can now be found in Canada, the United States, and Europe. They are a docile, well conformed animal. They offer small holders and those farmers with limited acreage the option of keeping docile cattle of high quality. They are smooth, free from waste, and produce high quality meat. They are free from the eye cancer which plagues the Hereford. They were developed to have the desirable characteristics of the Angus breed, but less than 50 inches tall. The cows calve easily, and the animals finish on grass alone. Mature Aberdeen bulls will generally fall into a range of 40-48 inches measured at the shoulder and weigh from 900-1500 pounds. Mature cows should measure from 38-46 inches and weigh between 700-1100 pounds.


My calving season is March-May. If you are interested in registered American Aberdeen breeding stock, grass fed beef, or just have a few questions about the breed... please contact us!

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