Other animals here at Caney Creek Farm

We are pleased to support over 30 hives here on the farm.

Caney Creek Farm is not just beef, pork, and chicken. With over 100 acres we keep a large array of livestock.

Besides Lowline Angus Cattle, I also have a family milk cow for all our dairy needs. My family milk cow is a four year old Jersey X Holstein. She is extremely easy going and a real joy to have on the farm. Nothing like drinking a glass of fresh milk, or cooking with cream, homemade butter, or making cheese. We breed the dairy cow with my Lowline Angus bull for beefy calves, ready to grow out for the freezer.

But you can’t have milk without the honey! Caney Creek Farm is also the home of over 30 bee hives. The hives are in different locations throughout our farm. The bees are able to thrive on the clover pastures, row crop, and wild flowers. Nothing like farm fresh honey!

Caney Creek Farm is under the constant supervision of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. Our LGDs are rugged, large and very strong; with superior sight and hearing allowing it to protect livestock. Calm, watchful, loyal, and smart, protective and territorial, they make a great farm dog. Our two LGDs guard our Kunekune pigs and are on constant watch over or free range birds. They protect all our livestock against raccoons, coyotes, snakes, bobcats, and stray dogs. 


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Eve with her calf Jo and Red (we bought Red)

Eve came from our local dairy. She fits in well here.

Eve is a fantastic mother to any calf we give her.

Eve produces so much milk, we buy another calf for her.

The hives are scattered around the farm

You can't beat fresh local honey.

The bees aren't a threat as long as you respect them

They move the bees at night while they are in the hive

Nothing like home grown chicks and local honey

CiCi is a Anatolian Shepherd X Great Pyrenees

Bree is an Anatolian Shepherd

CiCi with Camille (Pug)

CiCi loves the piglets

Bree and CiCi make a great team