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Sep. 1, 2018

Mable has a Haifer !

Mable, our newest addition to the herd just gave birth to a beautiful heifer calf! We are excited for the new blood. She's a spitfire !

Jun. 3, 2018

Sad Day on the Farm

I said goodbye to my family milk cow today. I know she will be well cared for at her new farm but it doesn't stop me from crying or missing her. Eve is a fanatics milk cow. But with me living in Alton Mo now I can't give her the time she needs and deserves so I sold her to a great small farm.

May. 20, 2018

New member of Caney Creek Farm

Welcome Mable to Caney Creek Farm! Our newest American Aberdeen cow, bred to calve in the early fall. We are hoping of a heifer.

May. 6, 2018

Gala has a litter

Gala had a colorful litter of Kunekune piglets. Big litter with lots of boars

Mar. 30, 2018

Holly has a litter!

Pleased to announce Holly had a big litter of 8 Kunekune piglets ! They are all doing well and are beautiful cream colors. So glad Holly is a great sow !

Mar. 23, 2018

Ava has a bull calf!

Ava had a handsome bull calf today! Both are doing well

Mar. 14, 2018

Jazz has a bull calf!

This is the first bull calf Jasmine has ever had here at Caney Creek Farm! He and mama are doing great!

Mar. 14, 2018

Hatching Has Begun!

The hatching season is off to a great start here at Caney Creek Farm! Our Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks are hatching left and right! So far we've hatched around a dozen. We will be hatching until June.

Mar. 12, 2018

Ruby has a bull calf

Ruby calved for the first time ever having a big healthy bull calf! Both are doing great!

Mar. 4, 2018

Calving Has Begun!

Calving season has started off with a bang! Welcome baby Shasta! Born from my American Aberdeen cow Lilly. Shasta was 45lb at birth. Her sire is our herd bull, HAF Zeus 1A. Her and mama are doing great. I can't wait to see what else calving season has in store for us.

Jan. 7, 2018

Moving Day!

Well I graduated collage and now NRCS has placed me at my new full time job. The only catch it it's 141 miles from the farm. I'm moving today to Alton Mo. I will be working in Alton MO Monday to Friday every week. I'll only get to be on the farm on the weekends. This will be extremely difficult but I will try my best.