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Aug. 24, 2019

Out With the Old! In With the New!

Well it was time to start a new chapter here at Caney Creek Farm. We are selling our herd bull Tad and replacing him with our new herd bull Boo-Boo! We are so excited to see the next calf crop from this new bull!

Jul. 28, 2019

Mable has another heifer calf!

One of our oldest cows Mable had yet another wonderful heifer calf. she is a tiny cute thing but man is she growing fast! She'll be registered CCL05G Caney Creek Dittany.

Jul. 26, 2019

Ruby has her 1st heifer calf!

Ruby has finally given us a beautiful heifer calf! This is our 4th heifer this year! She is a granddaughter of our cow Gabby! She'll be registered CCL04G Caney Creek Jewel.

May. 25, 2019

Lilly has another heifer!

Lilly has had another beautiful heifer! This is only the 2nd heifer she has ever had. She is a granddaughter of our cow Jasmine! She'll be registered CCL03G Caney Creek Jade.

May. 12, 2019

Opal had her 1st calf!

Opal our last heifer has really out done herself with a healthy big bull calf! She is just like her mom with the strong mothering instincts that we love in this breed!

May. 1, 2019

Jo had her 1st calf!

Jo one of our last heifers has finally had a healthy little bull calf! she has turned out to be a great mom!

Apr. 22, 2019

Gabby's heifer!

Gabby our oldest cow at 10 years old has had a beautiful heifer calf! The 1st she's ever had here on our farm. She'll be registered CCL02G Caney Creek Topaz.

Apr. 4, 2019

Ava has a bull calf again!

Ava our smallest cow has had a big bull calf!

Mar. 16, 2019

Butchering time once again

We butchered our steer like we do every year. He was a dandy at just over a year old very tender steaks !

Mar. 6, 2018

Calving has started!!

Jasmine, our original cow to the herd just gave birth to a beautiful heifer calf! She's a spitfire! She'll be registered CCL01G Caney Creek Dahlia.

Mar. 5, 2019

Piglets arrived!

Gala had 9 beautiful piglets. Four gilts and five boars. She is such a great mom it's a joy to watch them grow under her tender care.