• FM 26212 HAF ZEUS 1A

    DOB: 09/13/13
    Sex: Male
    Reg: FM 26212
    Fullblood Aberdeen

    Zeus (or Tad as we call him) is our herd bull. He's beautiful, and full of spunk! He is the son of FM 8849 DDR RELLI and FF 15418 DDR NARDION. We are very pleased with his calf crops! With his great conformation and muscling we have some wonderful calves!

  • XF 16258 CP JASMINE X1

    DOB: 04/10/10
    Sex: Female
    Reg: XF 16258
    50.00% Aberdeen

    Jasmine (Jazz for short) is a cow of real substance. Jazz is the daughter of FM 6130 MAGNETIC and 16257 CP/DM 1 ANGUS COW. She has great conformation and mothering ability. Of which she passes on to her calves without fail. Lilly and Opal (her daughters) are prime examples of this! Jasmine has out done herself yet again by calving a great looking heifer calf 3/6/19

  • XF 16894 CP VALENTINE 1Y

    DOB: 02/13/11
    Sex: Female
    Reg: XF 16894
    68.75% Aberdeen

    Valentine (Val for short) has a very appropriate name. She is the daughter of XM 9045 CP BOBBER and PF 8739 JAC APRIL 1W. Val is such a loving cow! She has no problem walking up to you in the pasture looking for treats.

  • MF 25660 Caney Creek Snow Lilly

    DOB: 03/02/14
    Sex: Female
    Reg: MF 25660
    75.00% Aberdeen

    Our Snow Lilly was the first Aberdeen calf born here on Caney Creek Farm. Jazz (XF 16258 CP JASMINE X1) is her cow and you can really see the resemblance. Lilly has the great conformation of her mother with the easy going temperament of her sire (FM 7484 Twin Oaks Bama Pride 425) I'm so pleased to report she's doing a great job raising her calves, proving again and again Aberdeen cattle have great mothering instincts. Lilly has had yet another great looking heifer calf 5/25/19

  • MF 27619 AAFG Princess Leia

    DOB: 05/04/15
    Sex: Female
    Reg: MF 27619
    84.38% Aberdeen

    Princess Leia (or Ava as we call her) hails form Ava MO, hence her nickname. Ava is the daughter of FM 15984 CLR WINCHESTER and XF 15868 STONES THROW 01. She's a fantastic mom, but of course she come from great bloodlines after all. Ava gave us a nice big bull calf 4/4/19

  • MF 28518 Caney Creek Opal

    DOB: 02/15/16
    Sex: Female
    Reg: MF 28518
    75.00% Aberdeen

    Caney Creek Opal is a prime example of what we aspire to here at Caney Creek Farm! A beautiful heifer, Opal is a daughter of our Jazz (XF 16258 CP JASMINE X1), sired by our old bull FM 7484 Twin Oaks Bama Pride 425. We couldn't be happier with Opal she had a nice strong bull calf 5/12/19

  • MF 28520 Caney Creek Jo

    DOB: 03/10/16
    Sex: Female
    Reg: MF 28520
    50.00% Aberdeen

    Caney Creek Jo is just as fun and spunky as her namesake! You can't hardly tell from looking at her, but Jo is a daughter of our milk cow Eve. Jo takes after her sire Twin Oaks Bama Pride 425, not only in looks but in personality too. We are so pleased with Jo she had her first calf a cute little bull calf 5/1/19

  • MF 31556 AAFG Ruby Girl

    DOB: 11/04/15
    Sex: Female
    Reg: MF 31556
    75.00% Aberdeen

    AAFG Ruby Girl (or Rue as we call her) is 75% Aberdeen and half sister to our Ava. Rue had a bull calf Spring 2018. Rue is the daughter of our oldest cow Gabby (XF 13053 Gabriella) and FM 15984 CLR WINCHESTER. She is a great cow just like her mom.

  • XF 13053 Gabriella

    DOB: 04/18/09
    Sex: Female
    Reg: XF 13053
    50.00% Aberdeen

    Gabby is our oldest cow here at Caney Creek Farm. Gabriella (Gabby) is 50% Aberdeen, 50% Black Angus. She is the mother of Ruby and grandma of Honeyscukle. Gabby is the daughter of FM 5964 SS TITUS and U 13052 MORNING ACERS GOOBER. Gabby gives birth to strong beautiful calves every time! We are tickled to announce Gabby had a beautiful big heifer calf 4/22/19

  • PF 14096 LLC Nancy 03U

    DOB: 04/22/08
    Sex: Female
    Reg: PF 14096
    88% Aberdeen

    Nancy (May as we all her) is our newest member to the herd here at Caney Creek Farm. I'm happy to report she had a beautiful heifer calf September 2018.